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About the Faculty

The Sapientia Foundation offers partial or full tuition waivers in many fields of study, thanks to the tradition of higher education and intellectual resources available in Cluj. At the same time conditions are given for training and scientific research through the Foundation's Scientific Research Department.

The university department of Cluj was launched in 2002, providing a degree in Environmental Science, as the fourth pillar of the EMTE university network (after Miercurea Ciuc and Targu Mures in 2001, and Partium Christian University). The Cluj department later began to offer degrees in Film, Photography, Media since 2003, International Relations and European Studies since 2006, and Law since 2010. The continuous enrichment of the teaching fields has not stopped: 2020 is the first year when students can sign up to get a degree in Coreography and folk dance.   

The Department of Sciences and Arts currently has 230 students and more than 50 visiting professors.

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August 2021