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Mediterranean fieldwork – Greece (May 22-31, 2015)

This year on the fieldworkorganized by the Department of Environmental Science in Greece participated students from the Department of Horticulture from Tg. Mureș, Department of Bioengineering from M. Ciuc, EszterházyKároly University of Applied Sciences from Eger (Ungaria) and Szeged University from Szeged (Ungaria).

During a hiking in Mount Olympus, many students reached the Skala (2866 m) andSkolio (2912 m) peaks. The almost 3000 meters height difference offered a unique opportunity to observe vegetation zones, and studying the flora and fauna of Olympus National Park.

In the clear water of the Aegean Sea students could recognize andstudy different species of Cnidaria, Mollusca, Crustacea and Pisces.Most of these species so far were known by them only from books and lectures.

Besides the Mediterranean environmental study this fieldwork represented a remarkable opportunity for teamwork. Students from different specializations, but with similar areas of interestcould work together and share their knowledge with each other.

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