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Study trip to Budapest

Between May 5-9, 2015, we, the students of the Faculty of Environmental Sciences of the Sapientia University, took part on an annual study trip to Budapest, under the guidance of assistant professor Dr. Szende Tonk. We visited the Eötvös Loránd University, where we Dr. Tamás Weiszburg presented to us the Minearological Museum, and Dr. István Szente lectured us about how wildlife evolved over the time reaching its current form. Dr. Gábor Dibó guided us to the laboratory of green chemistry of the university, where he explained the use of various instruments. We also observed the Eötvös pendulum, and Hungary’s first particle accelerator made by Károly Simonyi and his team. During our stay we also participated in a number of cultural programs. We visited the Parliament, we walked along the city’s famous sites and admired the Gallery of Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Two members of the group participated in a joint paleontological dig with students of the Eötvös University. The field trip aimed to explore the fossil-rich sedimentary debris from the Eocene and Cetacean eras, having the opportunity to collect fossil remains and gypsum crystals. On the third day we went to the Explorer’s Day, organized by the editors of the Globe Magazine in the Millennium Park. We participated on interesting volcanological presentations and experimented with various practical activities, returning home with rich but also challenging professional experiences. We are thankful for our teachers and the staff and students of the Eötvös University for this extraordinary possibility.

Eszter Rápó
Ibolya Lakatos
István Pap
Rita Antal
Students of the Environmental Sciences

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