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"Tonk Sándor" Library

The library of the Faculty of Sciences and Arts was founded in 2003. In October 2004 the institution moved in the building of 19 Deva st. In May 2005 was named after the first president of Sapientia Foundation, also founding rector of the University.

The library documentation consists of university manuals, magazines and specialty books necessary to Environmental Geography, Environmental Science, Photography, Film, Media, International Relations, European Studies and Law.

Library functions primarily as a reading room but some books can be borrowed too.

The library's aim is to provide learning material and references required by the teacher.

Currently the library has 22.253 books and magazines, and the 817 audio-visual documents that are available on computers in the reading room.

Areas of expertise:

  • Theory of Culture
  • Social Sciences
  • European Studies
  • Natural Sciences
  • Film, Photo, Media
  • Literature
  • History
  • Law

Calendar of Events

August 2021