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Registration is free, and entitled to all services provided by the library:

  • the teachers and students of Sapientia University;
  • other categories of employees of the Sapientia University and the Foundation.

Registration only for reading room:

  • Students, teachers and researchers outside the University.

Documents needed for registration:

  • ID
  • Student card concerned for the academic year in progress
  • 1 passport-photo.

All users of the library are required to renew their pass each year of study at the counter of the loan.

Using the reading room

  • Access to the reading room with coat or bag is not allowed
  • While using the reading room readers should keep quiet
  • Smoking, eating or loud conversation is prohibited
  • Please close the mobile phone during your stay


The right to loan have:

  • Students and teachers of Sapientia University;
  • Other staff of the University or Sapientia Foundation.

The loan is based on an entry permit.

Loan Conditions

  • Documents belonging to the background reference can not be borrowed
  • Books or periodicals (magazines) that figure as unicates in the library.

The registered reader is obliged to comply with Library Regulation.

Calendar of Events

June 2021